My commitment to the church was never about money – Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi |
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My commitment to the church was never about money – Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi

The Chairman of the National Peace Council and Executive President of the Ghana Baptist Convention, Rev.Doctor Ernest Adu-Gyamfi has shared the story of how he finalized on his decision to leave his huge income job to become a full-time servant of the Lord.

Speaking on the Y-Leaderboard Series with host, Akosua Hanson, he confessed that it took him close to six years to finally make that transition from being a businessman cum man of God to being a full-time Minister, nevertheless, it was not so impossible having to do so because to him, serving the church was not about the money.

“For me, initially it was not about money. I was not bothered about that. My commitment was to serve my people and to do the best I can so I began on a very low salary and gradually built up. As the Ministry kept on, certain things also came on board,” he said.

Dr. Ernest shared, “I resigned in the close of 2005 and it took me almost six years to make that transition. Anytime I told my staff that I think I need to leave, they’d wonder ‘Will this man ever be able to leave us?’ but it went on and on until the close of 2005 when I felt that this was the time to step out.

I had a partner. He was still there so I told him to take over and that I’m gone. Even when I announced to my church at the 31st night service that from today, I’m no longer going to the business, everybody was shocked. It was like they were wondering if this was real and if they were going to be able to pay me now that I’m coming on full-time”.

According to him, this was no issue because, at that time, he had his own house and car, and even in 1997, had switched to buying brand new vehicles, hence he already had everything that he needed in life and saw no need to keep pushing for more.

“I had everything that I needed and I thought that why then do I need to stay here and keep working on myself and trying to develop. I told myself, I have this whole congregation there that needs my service so why don’t I step out. After all, how much money do I need at this time to live on?” It was after this that he finalized on his decision.

 Source: Y FM

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