Rev. Dr. Nii Amoo Darku launches new book: ‘Kingdom of God: The Ultimate Purpose’ |
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Rev. Dr. Nii Amoo Darku launches new book: ‘Kingdom of God: The Ultimate Purpose’

A new book, “Kingdom of God: The Ultimate Purpose” was launched last Saturday at the Baptist International Worship Centre in Accra. 

It is the latest in a long list of books authored by Rev. Dr. Nii Amoo Darku.

The book was birthed, according to the author, to re-echo the “true” message of the kingdom.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world in fulfillment of Scriptures to do one thing and one thing only – to establish the divine purpose of God. He [Jesus] went about the business of the Kingdom diligently. He taught about the principles and conduct of life in the Kingdom… The Church, our Lord instituted was thus mandated to champion the agenda of the Kingdom.

“Unfortunately, in our time and generation, most churches (or so-called churches) are rather on a completely different tangent, establishing empires and busily working towards promoting that cause. The Church has become, to some, a business venture where one makes money very easily and quickly”.

The Author, Rev. Nii Amoo Darku, indicated that the current rate at which churches have most often deviated from preaching the word about the kingdom, its righteousness, and salvation is affecting the defined life of Christians. 

Whilst at it, he said these factors necessitated more writings to bring to the ordinary person the knowledge of God, and allow the Lord to continue to reveal things to the church.

The book has seven chapters, with over 200 pages. The chapters have themes such as ‘the establishment of the Kingdom of God, ‘the Principles of the Kingdom of God, and ‘the Parables of the Kingdom of God.’

The book launch brought together representatives from the Christian Council of Ghana, the Catholic Secretariat, the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, and the National Association of Charismatics and Christian Council, among others. 

The book launch paved way for a discussion on the position of the church, as it played its pivotal role in society, amidst political ploys. 

The panelists bemoaned the way in which political parties often use the church as a channel to appeal for votes. 

They lamented that if political candidates want to use the church as one of its many platforms, then they should be ready to receive criticism where necessary. 

They emphasized that the church is a powerful institution and would remain as such.

They went on to iterate the need to ensure that the message about Christianity and seeking the Kingdom be re-instilled in the preachers and the receivers. 

They, therefore, agreed to hold a Christian Prophetic Round Table discussion to intensify deliberations on how to place the church in a better place, guarded by its basic principles.

Josephine Amoako
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